Illustration Friday: Under The Sea

"Under The Sea" is the topic for Illustration Friday this week. I did something different this week I tried a collage with some photoshop manipulation. My inspiration for this piece is the an excerpt from the book, "The Life of Pi". The main character is alone on a lifeboat aimlessly drifting out at sea and he describes sealife that swim close to the surface and that he never realized how much life one would see in the middle of the ocean. In my collage I used colored tissue paper for the water with old National Geographic magazines for the lifeboat. The fish are shiny bangles used as decoration on garments that I have cut into shapes of fish. I had hoped the shiny quality of the fish would show through the tissue paper. It didn't turn out in a way that I was happy with so I manipulated that part in Photoshop. I kind of like how it turned out.


Robert McLaughlin said...

That's a very nice collage.

stp-illustrations said...

Good work! I like it very much!

REGGIE said...

This is a very intriguing piece. I LIKE the use of tissue paper with the cut out fishes (are some of them turtles?). It turned out really nice. Not knowing the story, I could not tell that it was a lifeboat, however, I think you accomplished the jist of what your trying to say. This is a fine art piece. Nice job.