Cool Vintage Patterns

The other day when I went to the thrift store looking for silk ties for the egg project (Silk-Tie Dyed Easter Eggs) and I came across these—old Simplicity and Butterick patterns. The funny thing is that I do not sew and would not know how to use these to make some wonderous creations, nor am I into fashion design, but at $.30/piece I had to have them. I thought I could use them for something, I just don't know what. The more I look at them I don't think I could bare to cut them up. It may be the start of a new collection. The "Bow-chicka-bow-now" guys shirts really crack me up. :-) If you have an idea of what I could do with these, please let me know.

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shannon said...

I love these! We still have tons of these from when my mother use sew. She has some great dress patterns from the 50's. I would love to try and make one.