Shutterday: Free/Freedom

Got our fireworks yesterday. Haven't bought them in so long, I didn't know quite what to get. Our bag ended up costing $21.00—pretty good for us. We see a huge fireworks show anyway so this is to shoot off after the "big show". We ended up with an assortment that I hope will make everyone happy. We have ones that spin on the ground like flowers; ones that shoot a shower of colored sparks, ones that go up and (hopefully) make a colorful show, and also the coveted "Black Snakes" I remember from when I was little. I loved to watch the black pellets grow into long charcoal snakes (it's best to light all at once!). Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

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Homer Laffoone said...

Nothing says freedom like Black Pellet Snakes. I love those.

Thanks for posting these.