Plastic Oceans and Being More Green

Photo Credit: Gregg Segal

"Our Oceans Are Turning To Plastic—Are We?"

I came across this article via "Something to Say" and I haven't stopped thinking about it so I had to post it on my blog as well. Basically it's an article on plastics and how they are changing our world for the worse. How every piece of plastic that has ever been made (minus the small percentage that is recycled, since only #1 and #2 plastics are the only plastics that can be recycled) are still around and how there is a mass of discarded plastic floating in the ocean that is twice the size of Texas. It's a very sobering article and has me rethinking how I buy products and how I could do more to help the problem and become MORE green. One big thing we could all do is take a reusable bag to the store instead of getting a plastic bag. A very simple thing that would have a huge impact. It's a great read and here are some other "GREEN" links if you want to find other ways do more to help our planet.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

There was an excellent, sobering and depressing tv programme recently about how pastics are damaging the ecosystem of the beaches and oceans around Hawaii. I always carry two fabric carrier bags with me in my handbag.