Enviro Bags to the Rescue!

Ever since I found the article about plastic bags and their effect on the environment (I'm sure I always knew, but this article really hits home with how serious it is), I have been taking my bags back to the store for recycling and have looked for some reusable shopping bags to keep in the car. I think Envirosax will fit the bill. They are fashionable and hold twice as much as the typical plastic bag. You can buy separately or in packs of five. They also have monochrome and organic versions. Found via Fabulously Green I can't decide which pack of five to get. Which do you like?

*Edit: 8/13/07 - I ended up ordering the set on the far right and they came in the other day! I used them for the first time on Sunday when I did some grocery shopping and got some weird looks from the checkout person, but I felt so great when I got home with NO plastic bags! These bags are wonderful and really are at least twice the size of a normal plastic bag if not larger. The pack of five also fit wonderful in a small purse and they are easy to fold back up after use! If you're looking for reusable bags that are stylish and easy to use you need to give these a try. :-)

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