Pollock Inspired

Over at Inspire Me Thursday the challenge is "action painting". Kind of like a Jackson Pollock inspired creation. Here's my Pollock inspired study that I did for fun. It's done with melted crayon. Very fun to do. I remembered doing this when I was young in art class and thought it would be perfect for this challenge. All you need is a lighted candle and some crayons. It's takes a little time to determine how long to hold the crayon over the flame for the amount of drips or crayon softness you desire.


Julia said...

Great I love the technique and the painting !

bonniebluedenim said...

I did melted crayon art too....but melted in the oven and used an iron, check out my blog. I'll have to give your technique a try.

carla said...

That looks like it was wonderful messy fun - and the result is vibrant!