Get Smorty With Your Blog!

We heard you like to blog. You also appreciate money as well...like most people do. Why not combine the two and get paid for blogging. Smorty is a service that connects advertisers with bloggers. When you sign up with Smorty they analyze your blog and send you advertising campaigns for products or services that would appeal to people that read your blog. Think of it as getting paid for your opinion. Then you write a post on your blog if you accept the campaign. Accept or decline a campaign, it's up to you. Smorty pays you through Paypal if your post is accepted. Depending on your blog's rating and the campaign that's chosen, you can receive a minimum of $6 or up to $100 for a higher level campaign. You get paid weekly for each post after it's approved. It sounds like a great concept and a win-win opportunity for the blogger, the advertiser and the reader. Sign me up!

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