Practical Yet Fun—Digital Photo Frames

I've got a friend that is diligent about changing out her picture frames. There's a different photo of her children for every holiday and occasion. How doe's she find the time? Then there's me.:-) I'm lucky if I can change out my photos every other year. For anyone that takes digital pictures, you can relate to the dilemma of taking so many photos it's hard to print them all, let alone changing out your frames with physical pictures. That's why I've decided to convert to digital photo frames from digitalframez.com. You can download all your photos to the frame and let it rotate as many pictures as you like. They have 7" up to 10" frames in different styles to fit your decor. You can even transfer video with sound! And you get a FREE 256 MB memory card with every 10" frame order! I'm thinking this would be an excellent gift for the grandparents so they would have a year's worth of photos of their grandchildren and their own personal slide show to present to their friends. Now I know what to get them for Christmas!

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