A thought for Friday.

Just a thought for Friday.

We had a storm the other night that blew out the main TV our family had near the kitchen. You don't realize how much that thing is on until you turn it off and leave it alone. Another TV's cable doesn't work. We went from three TVs to one. It's so much more peaceful without that thing on. I've heard it said by others, but now I know it to be true. I don't think it will be replaced. It's so nice and quiet.

Like I said, just a thought for Friday. :-)

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maile said...

I agree. I always think I'm so dependent on it. But this summer has been so busy I haven't had time to watch. Plus everything is a re-run. And I find myself not even being able to remember what it was I was so addicted to. Goes to show how much time we waste in front of that thing.
...although I do not think I could survive without 24 and the Office.