Have you found your "Second Life"?

Have you found your "Second Life" yet? If not, you definitely need to sign up for a free account and check this out. I heard about this on Good Morning America the other day and find it simply fascinating. In the "Second Life" world, you can create your own avatar of any size or shape, from humans to dragons to any kind of animal real or unreal. Each avatar can interact as much or as little with the avatars around them. You maneuver your avatar with your arrow keys through the world. You can also teleport to any location as well—and don't forget about flying, that is amazing as well. It makes the internet into a "3-D" world that your avator can explore. They say about 90% of the content was created by members of Second Life. It's looks like a wonderful medium for artists or creative types. If you want to get more advanced you can have a "premium" membership and use real dollars that translate into "Linden" dollars to exchange within the world. It's amazing what you can do. Go check it out. Second Life Here's a blog I found that shows you outfits she creates for her avatar each day and gives you tips on places to visit in Second Life. Have fun! Natalia's Second Life Diary

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SLNatalia said...

Heehee thanks for mentioning me in your blog, MBC.

Second Life is definitely a fun place to express yourself, particularly if you work with graphics and stuff. Theres nothing like making out a designer gown you just saw in a fashion magazine and then show it off at a club ;P

I just wish I am one-tenth as good as you and your friends with Photoshop :)