Bleach Stencil Designs for T-Shirts

Fantastic shirts that are imprinted with bleach that I saw today on Martha Stewart. I wish I had a picture to show how great they looked. Here's the instructions:
[Stencils available at: stencil1.com, video from Martha available here.]

Stencil T-shirts from marthastewart.com
Here's an easy way to transform a plain T-shirt into the latest fashion trend.

Tools & Materials
Plastic gloves
Bleach gel or bleach pen
Spouncer, optional if using bleach gel
Anti-chlor solution
Fabric paint, optional
Pressing cloth, optional
Iron, optional
1. Pin your T-shirt to cardboard.

2. Secure stencil on T-shirt with pushpins.

3. Wearing gloves, dab on bleach gel with spouncer, or use a bleach pen.

4. Leave bleach on for 1 to 2 hours.
5. Remove stencil from T-shirt, and take cardboard out of shirt.

6. Put shirt in anti-chlor solution (2 1/2 gallons warm water and 1 teaspoon bleach stabilizer) and and stir around.

7. T-shirt should be soaked for 5 minutes. Don't try this with silk—it will ruin the fabric.

8. Take shirt out and rinse well in room temperature water.

9. You can stop the process here. If you'd like to add an extra layer of color, pin stencil back onto T-shirt.

10. Use spouncer with fabric paint to stencil the design.

11. You can center or off-center stencil over original bleach design.

12. Remove stencil, and let paint dry completely.

13. Heat-set paint by putting a pressing cloth on shirt and ironing on high heat for 30 seconds. Or follow packaging directions for fabric paint.

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Anonymous said...

The stencils Martha used were Stencil1 stencils available on stencil1.com
Images are also available.
thanks! Ed