Inspire Me Thursday & Studio Friday

This is my piece for Inspire Me Thursday and Studio Friday. I used acrylic paint, oil pastels, ink, collage (old coin wrappers, bubble gum wrappers), cotton, tissue paper, and photo transfers from a magazine. On the photo transfer I used packing tape and the tutorial at Inspire Me Thursday. This was my first time to use this technique and I really liked it. Look forward to more experimentations with it.

My concept came from our trip to Florida this summer. Our family likes vacations that are more "natural" and we visited a spot on Florida's gulf coast that is relatively untouched by development. Each year we go, though, more and more developing is going on. Like everything else it's all about the almighty dollar (or coin, :-) ). Anyway, these were the thoughts in my head as this piece developed.


Anke said...

Really inspiraring!

miriam said...

Beautiful. I love the kite.

Kim Carney said...

Love this piece.....!
I really want to try this technique